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Mojtaba is regaining confidence

Mojtaba is a 13-year old boy whose father was killed in sectarian violence when Mojtaba was 8. His family was forced to flee to an area where displaced families found temporary sanctuary. Mojtaba was deeply traumatized by the loss of his father, losing both a parent who had loved him greatly as well as his sense of safety. Mojtaba had been a good student at school but after his father died, he was overcome with fear, sadness, and loss of confidence in his ability to do anything. What made matters worse, the eldest brother who had become the family breadwinner treated Mojtaba cruelly and beat him harshly from time to time. Mojtaba become lonely and sad, lost in tears, and fearful that no one cared about him. But the story does not end there. Local Iraqi caregivers, supported by donors like you, found Mojtaba and intervened to stop the abuse he faced and helped him regain his confidence and sense of safety. He began to read again and write, sing, and play. His next big step will be to return back to school.

The mission of the Iraqi Children Foundation is to assist the families and communities of Iraq by mobilizing a life-changing “Surge of Love” for millions of children orphaned by violence in Iraq. They are committed to doing this under the leadership of the Iraqi people by serving as a catalyst to mobilize U.S. and international partners; investing in training and capacity building of Iraq’s non-governmental and community organizations; and emphasizing direct assistance for hand up, not hand out, projects.

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