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Maha receives nutritious meals

Ten-year old Maha lives with her mother in a ramshackle house at a compound for displaced families. The house is made of wood and sheets of metal that move whenever a strong wind blows, allowing rain water to intrude into the home. Maha’s father died six years ago, leaving her widowed mother to care for her and three brothers. Maha left school and worked with her mother as a house maid and sometimes sell sweets on the streets. During this time, she was exposed to a lot of hardship and abuse. She also suffered from hunger and would cry when she saw other kids going to school, longing to return to school herself. Thanks to the support of donors like you, caring Iraqis in her community were able to reach out to Maha and she is now receiving nutritious meals and tutoring to help prepare her to return to school as soon as possible.

The mission of the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation is to assist the families and communities of Iraq by mobilizing a life-changing “Surge of Love” for millions of children orphaned by violence in Iraq. They are committed to doing this under the leadership of the Iraqi people by serving as a catalyst to mobilize U.S. and international partners; investing in training and capacity building of Iraq’s non-governmental and community organizations; and emphasizing direct assistance for hand up, not hand out, projects.

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